Street Art Sunday, Edition #43: Getting There

The details are  vague if there are any details at all.  Sometimes just a New York neighbourhood; if lucky, an intersection.  Or a surprise discovery: stumbled upon by accident.   I always enjoyed the hunt but social media has taken the experience to another level by providing me with the opportunity to connect directly with street art enthusiasts and more importantly, with the artists themselves.  Walls are easier to find thanks to these connections – we share information and collectively reap the rewards: enjoying the talent, the vibrant splashes of colour and appreciation for art that you can’t find in any gallery.

With my new position working for AOK New York SEO, I get to wander around the business streets talking with clients.  I always bring my camera in case I find a beautiful image to share.  Enjoy!

So thank you – you know who you are and how much I value your guidance.  We all revel in the moment the first hint of colour comes into sight.  And no matter who or what got us there, we all know it’s worth sharing.  Everyone should get to experience the art found in New York!

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The Ground Before The Sky

In the middle of the concrete jungle sometimes it’s hard to believe nature came before man – each building taller & grander than the next; roads in every direction leading to more concrete and taller buildings.

One of my favourite things about the fall season is the way the leaves overtake the sidewalks – replacing the concrete with shades of rustic orange, yellow and brown; the leaves shuffling over & under my feet.  It’s an especially welcome sign downtown where the concrete dominates.

Toronto: See What I See

When I look at my photos I can close my eyes and go back to the second the shutter snapped.  Each moment captured is burned into my memory forever.  I know when an alley has changed and what has changed about it.  I can recall what once claimed the land where a condo now stands.  I feel like I’ve got a weird little map of the city etched into my brain through my photos.

I love this city. I’ll love it even if the election outcome isn’t what I hope it to be, but I want to remember Toronto like this – each photo acting as a memory of the landscape before it changes again.  Who knows what the future holds, right?

PS – If you haven’t voted already, please get out there and do so tomorrow.  Every single vote matters.

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