2014 In Review: The Best of Black & White

For the longest time I didn’t care much for black & white photos.  Being a street art enthusiast, colour dominates; and where there isn’t colour, there isn’t detail.  Detail is everything in street art and for a time I lost focus on photography as a whole and as such, the ability to bring out the detail without colour as the catalyst.  As my confidence grows in Lightroom so does my comfort with monochrome.

Bringing Out The Detail


I started a new Flickr account with a strict focus on black & white photography.  There was a time I really enjoyed monochrome edits but lately I find little pleasure in taking colour out of street art and graffiti photos that I’ve dedicated so much time to over the years.


I love colour – I love green grass against a dark grey sky; a mural lighting up a neighbourhood.  I find it harder to bring out the details of a photo when you remove colour from the equation but I’m up for the challenge.  The drama of a black 8 white photo is different and by re-visiting some old shots I’ve found a new appreciation for the lack of colour.

Winter (Charm) In Black & White

Throughout Saturday the fog slowly increased, absorbing our neighbourhood and swallowing buildings in the distance.  It stopped raining for awhile in the afternoon so we took a stroll downtown – after weeks of cold, snow and ice any time outside is good!

I thought some black and white edits of the office towers downtown cloaked in the fog would be nice but the further south we walked towards the core, the less fog there was… Until we reached Queen’s Park.

A thin blanket of fog stayed close to the ground throughout the park.  It was slippery and slushy which made for next to no foot traffic as we made our way across the grounds.  We continued out of the park and towards College street and it became apparent that attempting to capture any colour would be pointless.  There was no vibrance in the landscape to be seen unless you count the dreary brown of the trees and some green benches.  The black and white really brought out a bit of drama in the shots and I’m really pleased with how they turned out!