Year One – Rewinding To Move Forward

Today marks year one of Lisa on the Run.  Fact: the older I get the more I value the little things like beautiful days and good meals with loved ones.   Long walks, snapping away with my camera and some tunes while I putter away in Lightroom.

Over the past few months I’ve become too focused on social media – worrying about stats and whether or not my photos were being seen.   The need to see results pulled me away from enjoying just photography and lately I’ve spent far too much time obsessing over what other people think.  It’s no way to live, friends.

I started this blog to bring more life to the photos I have been taking, not to get more people to look at them.   So, back to the basics.  Learning, shooting, editing and WRITING. Rinse, repeat & enjoy.   I forgot the why and focused on the what. Never again.

Here are some of my favourite shots from September 2013.  Next year I’ll post my faves from 2014; so on and so forth, etc. etc.

Doors Open 2014: Day Two

Stupid overdue.  Summer, guys!  Socializing, stumbling around the city, music, beers on patios, etc. etc. Also, World Cup.  Day two took us to a few different places: U of T’s Lassonde Institute of Mining, The Ontario Legislature and the Elgin/Winter Garden Theatres.

Lassonde: I enjoyed our guide’s enthusiasm for the history and architecture – the fact that she was so excited made it more exciting for me!

Queen’s Park, Ontario Legislature: For years I thought checking out the legislature would be a major snooze fest but Cam convinced me to go and off we went.  I was incredibly impressed by the rich colours, dark wood, detailed interiors and the architecture overall.  Not to mention, the history of Ontario’s government etc. etc.  Yeah, that was alright too :)


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Doors Open 2014: Day One

I was due to post this too long ago now but excuses happened and here I am; the serial procrastinator doing what she does best!  My self-imposed nickname is Last Minute Lisa.. I do my best work under pressure!

Doors Open is a great opportunity to take in the city’s history and a peak inside buildings not normally open for public enjoyment.  I have to admit that I’m more invested in documenting than the history – I rely on my husband for the coles notes.

First building we checked out on day one was University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.  Photos were limited because photography wasn’t permitted in certain areas but I loved the bright white spaces – the light was blinding but beautiful!

Next up was the High Level Pumping Station – a popular location according to some of my fellow photography enthusiasts.  Admittedly, not my favourite, though!  History doesn’t appeal me when I’m aiming for my next shot.  For most it was incredibly interesting – for me, it lacked photographic opportunity.


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