Here Comes the Night Time!

On Thursday night, with friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the crowd, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Arcade Fire live at the ACC for their Reflektor tour.  I’ve wanted to see AF live for quite some time now – The Suburbs sealed my love for the super group and was the soundtrack of Cam and I’s east coast road trip a few years ago.  Having watched videos of them playing live on youtube I knew they would be good but I had no idea how greatly my expectations would be exceeded.  They did a brilliant job of putting together an amazing visual show to compliment their incredible talent, including a mini stage towards the back (and rather close to us) that started off the show and was host to a dance party during We Exist.  Streamers, confetti and everything else in between – it was magical.  I’ve never seen a packed arena so engaged and energized; singing, dancing and having a great time.

I took this photo on my phone – thrilled with how well it turned out!  Best live show I’ve ever been to and I’d see them again in a heartbeat.  Arcade Fire, thanks for the time of my life!


The song Wake Up, during the Encore: