Year One – Rewinding To Move Forward

Today marks year one of Lisa on the Run.  Fact: the older I get the more I value the little things like beautiful days and good meals with loved ones.   Long walks, snapping away with my camera and some tunes while I putter away in Lightroom.

Over the past few months I’ve become too focused on social media – worrying about stats and whether or not my photos were being seen.   The need to see results pulled me away from enjoying just photography and lately I’ve spent far too much time obsessing over what other people think.  It’s no way to live, friends.

I started this blog to bring more life to the photos I have been taking, not to get more people to look at them.   So, back to the basics.  Learning, shooting, editing and WRITING. Rinse, repeat & enjoy.   I forgot the why and focused on the what. Never again.

Here are some of my favourite shots from September 2013.  Next year I’ll post my faves from 2014; so on and so forth, etc. etc.

Three Sleeps Outside Of The City, Part Three: Solo Drive

It’s still one of my favourite things to do; hit the open road with my camera and tunes.  Windows down, music turned up.  Time to reflect, sing loudly along with my favourite songs and pull over at random to take photos.  I think it’s a pleasure inherited from my dad who also enjoys going for drives.

On Easter Sunday in the morning, I took a nice, long drive.  Solo drives don’t happen as often as I’d like but thinking about it makes me smile.

Three Sleeps Outside Of The City, Part One: King’s Forest

We spent the Easter weekend in Niagara with our family and friends.  Long weekends spent out of the city tend to be very busy and this past weekend was no exception.  We hiked, we laughed, we dined and explored; spent time with our closest friends and family.  It was refreshing and went by in a flash, but looking at the photos brings me back to the moment I took them.  Admittedly though, some of my favourite times in Niagara are by myself: driving around with loud music and my camera on the passenger seat beside me.

Day one of our weekend included a hike at King’s Forest in Hamilton.  I took a LOT of photos during the walk but found it hard to find definition amongst the barren trees.  At the top of the hill though was a a group of tall pines split by the path.  A beautiful spot!  It only got better from there: a waterfall and a stroll along the riverbed.  Afterwards we tailgated in the parking lot until it started to rain.  All and all a lovely day.

Coming soon: Three Sleeps Outside Of The City, Part Two: Stop 50