Cold Realities

I often find myself looking longingly out the window at work.  I can’t see the sky but the sun’s radiating glow bounces off of the building across the street.  The light blinds and deceives.  I walk outside aching to feel the heat on my face but the arctic wind that accompanies it brings a harsh reality.

The dark days are okay.  You can bundle up, go outside, and everything is alright.  You can walk around for hours before the cold reaches your core.  The city is desaturated and the absence of foliage exposes its bones but it never stops.  The streets are full and everything keeps moving – before we know it, winter will be over and the excitement of warm, grey days will be a distant memory.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

For those of you not in the Greater Toronto Area – the weather here today was disastrous.   A strong contrast to the 10 degrees and sunshine yesterday.  The snow flakes were large, heavy and accumulated fast – as if yesterday’s warm reprieve never happened.

Here are a few photos to remind you that this won’t last forever.  Happy Hump Day!