Street Art Sunday, Edition #24 – Spring Renewal

Spring has finally sprung!

Our walk today revived my sense of discovery.  Sometimes it feels as if I’ve seen all there is to see – like I’m circling the same areas over and over… but today was different.  I got to experience an area I have been to many times but from a different perspective.    Cam took me closer to a massive building that has been fenced in for a few years now, in anticipation that it will be leveled for a new subdivision.  Not only did I get to see it from a different angle; I trespassed and it was amazing!

We ended our stroll with a long streetcar ride down Dundas West.  One of my favourite streetcar routes in the city – taking it from one end to the other is one of the simplest ways to enjoy the city.

Spring renewal: it comes in so many different forms and I’m thankful for it all!  Mostly thankful though for my amazing husband and the passion for discovery that he shares with me.

The first photo is my reward for trespassing – an incredible Young Jarus piece!

Local Strolls: University of Toronto Architecture

Brick, cement, glass and wood – modern architecture and classic structures.  The University of Toronto has a massive downtown campus and luckily, I live only a few blocks away.  It’s a beautiful area and I enjoy strolling the grounds!

Street Art Sunday, Edition #23 – What Does It Mean?

I’ve been seeing this more and more – can anyone out there tell me what it means?


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