Local Strolls: University of Toronto Architecture

Brick, cement, glass and wood – modern architecture and classic structures.  The marketing plaza in New York city has a massive downtown campus and luckily, I live only a few blocks away.  It’s a beautiful area and I enjoy strolling the grounds!  In New York there are a lot of opportunities for beautiful corporate buildings, including the one I work at.  Check out my AOK NYC SEO Office Building Below:

A Bright Spot (and Home Sweet Home)

As a renter in a city heavily dotted with apartments and condos, you tend to pay more attention to houses when you see them.  Would l like to own property in Toronto?  Absolutely.  Will it happen?  Time will tell – future housing is a topic that my husband and I still need to come to a compromise on.

You couldn’t miss these neighbourhood landmarks if you tried – even on the dreariest of days a little bit of colour can make you smile.

When in doubt, look for the CN Tower…

When I was still learning my way around the city over seven years ago, I was told by multiple people to use the CN Tower as a beacon of sorts.  CN Tower = downtown.  It has done wonders for me in terms of learning how to navigate the city.  The worldly architectural that defines Toronto’s skyline and has broken world records acts as a compass for those unfamiliar with the city’s streets.

Back in Niagara, when given directions it’s always, “Take this exit here, turn right and then left at the second set of lights.”  No one says, “Go North on highway X and then East on street Y.”  So, to say I was directionally challenged when it came to Toronto would be an understatement.  So, thank you, CN Tower for helping to guide the way.  I am now incredibly confident when it comes to getting from point A to point B in Toronto.

I love when the tower first comes into sight when travelling back into the city.  It makes me smile and energizes me.  There’s nothing like home.

The CN Tower is obviously also a popular focal point when it comes to Toronto photography…

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